Do You Send Your Children to Christian School?

I am 31-years-old, and grew up watching you and Kirk on TV everyday. It is awesome that you love God–so do I!

Do you and your brother send your children to a Christian School? If so, why is this so important to you? I have 3 little ones of my own and I am faced with this decision.


Thanks for your email. Yes, we send our children to a private Christian school. It’s important for us because I want the education they receive to be rooted in God. Not only where creation is taught (not Darwinism), but the teachers have a heart for Jesus.

This means they pray, talk about problems and solutions in a Biblical way, and handle each situation with a Christ-minded approach. This is especially important because I want a school that co-labors with us, and that which we teach at home.

Going to a Christian school doesn’t mean there aren’t problems though–there still are. Kids will be kids. I feel somewhat safer knowing that my children are surrounded by other kids who are growing up with the same values, but I’m still cautious and aware of my children’s friends and activities both on and off of school.

I strongly believe that a school, which is based on the foundation of Christ, will be a safer place than a public school, where anything goes.

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