Run With It

I’ve been so encouraged and inspired by readers and fellow bloggers regarding how they’ve taken bits and pieces from my Reluctant Entertainer theme, and have put those ideas into place in their own lives!  People are experiencing freedom in learning how to serve others in love, focusing on people, many times centered around food!

One recent story went like this:

I just wanted to let you know how inspiring and encouraging your blog is, and to send kudos to you. From seeing all of your great get-togethers with friends, I felt encouraged to invite a couple of my dearest friends over for an afternoon to celebrate their birthdays. I bought them each a planter and a variety of flowers and luckily it was a beautiful day, so we planted flowers and talked and enjoyed our time together. Somehow, completely unplanned, our conversation turned to God and I shared with them a story that had happened to me during my pregnancy with the twins that cemented my belief in God, and that He is present in our lives. Even though I don’t attend church, my faith and love for God is firmly in place.

I’m amazed at how God works through friendships, love, and food!  My friend provided a pleasant and relaxed environment, and like many of my entertaining experiences in my home, they ended up talking about God, our creator and giver of life!  Though simple at first glance, I would call these times “substantial.”

As my friend opened her home to an easy time together with friends, I can’t help but think of how Jesus commended people for doing simple things.  He showed that the common or simple things in life could sometimes be the most important.

This past summer, I invited my girl cousins to my home for a luncheon. I kept things very simple, as time was short (a few came on their lunch hours!).  I made a large green salad, and a few other cousins brought various salads. I set the table, pulled out cloth napkins, and I served water for the beverage.  How simple is that?  Looking back on that special day and this wonderful group of ladies (many of my cousins are new grandmas!), the day turned out to be a gift from God. Little did we know that just three short months later, one of us would be diagnosed with brain cancer–overnight–and taken from us shortly thereafter.

What if we hadn’t had this time together?  What if I hadn’t run with my luncheon idea?  What if I hadn’t taken that prompting in my heart and made something happen, by going the extra mile and making an effort to set the date, contact the cousins, and to work around one cousin’s schedule who lives out of town?  It never would have happened.

I think of times where I’ve tried something different–having the ladies in my neighborhood (who I didn’t know) over for a salad potluck, hosted families on the spur of the moment, taken children overnight to help their parents, entertained when my house wasn’t clean, and even made room at the table for unexpected guests. In every situation, I was glad we invited those others in, even if it may have inconvenienced us a little at the time.

Reluctant entertainers around the country are learning that if they’ll just set aside their reluctance, their very simple efforts will make some great things happen.

Have a crazy idea for reaching out to others?  Run with your ideas or promptings! If you are inspired to dare to do something different – DO IT!

I’m glad I did, as I’m sure my friend Sarah, who had a day of flower-planting with her friends, did too.

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