Radio Interview: Margaret McSweeney

This month I had the pleasure of chatting with Margaret McSweeney. Margaret is the author the beautiful gift book, A Mother’s Heart Knows. She is also the founder of ‘Pearl Girls’:

With His love and grace, God covered the unexpected pain in my life of becoming an adult orphan and transformed this pain into a pearl. We are all Pearl Girls™.  Each of us has been touched by God’s gift of love and grace, and it’s a gift that I want to share with others.  That’s why I am launching Pearl Girls™.

Actually, my very first gift from my parents was a pearl. The gift of my name. Margaret means “precious pearl.” So perhaps this is what I was always supposed to do. My heart’s prayer is that Pearl Girls™ will be a blessing to others–to the women who contribute their literary talent to the Pearl Girls™ projects; to the readers who are inspired and comforted by the life experiences shared through these projects and to the women and children who will benefit from the proceeds given by Pearl Girls™ to various charities.

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