Fluffing the Nest This Spring

There is just something about the arrival of spring that makes most of us want to fluff our nests! We’ve been sitting inside all winter feeling snug as a bug, when suddenly the sun shines through our dirty windows to reveal dust we didn’t even know we had! Yikes! Our little nests need some attention. Yes, my friends, it is time to start fluffing, so let’s get to it!

Here are ten creative ways that you can start fluffing your nest this Spring:

  1. Start with your windows. You can have the cleanest house and most lovely spring décor, but if you are looking through cloudy dirty glass to the sunshine outside, nothing will look clean inside. Trust me, I know this to be true. Right now, my windows are frightful, so I am speaking to myself—well, actually to my husband (I hope he reads this!) Make your windows sparkle inside and out and your nest will be a happier place.
  2. Put away wintry throw blankets and dark heavy pillows. Accent pillows can be an excellent way change the look of your furnishings for the seasons. You can find pillow covers to slip right over the winter versions, so there’s no need to buy entirely new pillows! You can also use square scarves to fold over and tie around a pillow to create your own custom cover.
  3. Take down heavier curtains and either leave windows bare or replace panels with lighter weight fabric. Attractive valances, inexpensive bamboo shades or sheers can be great stand-ins for heavier curtains, and will give your room a more springtime feel. Now that those windows are clean there is no need to cover them up with heavy fabric!
  4. Next, shake out winter rugs! Dusty rugs could use a good cleaning, vacuuming, or shaking to be ready for spring. If you have hardwoods, consider rolling up some rugs and just having bare floors for the warmer months. Sisal rugs are also a great choice for a less-formal warm-weather style.
  5. Bring in the outdoors! Spring foliage cut from your yard, branches, potted flowers, nests, seashells, moss, faux birds, garden gates and birdcages can all bring the warmth of spring inside. Using picnic baskets for storage can evoke the feeling of a sunny day. Make sure you edit out any winter decorations before bringing the outdoors in!
  6. Mixing things up can revitalize a stale winter room. Save money by shopping for a new spring look right in your own house. Find related accessories from different rooms and bring them together for more impact. If you really want to have some fun, mix up your furniture! Put your bedroom dresser in the dining room and your living room chair in your kitchen. It is amazing how much better familiar rooms can look by simply changing things around.
  7. Is your room still stuck in the winter doldrums? Paint can transform just about anything. Try a lively new color on the walls (be adventurous and try a spring green, robin’s egg blue or sunny yellow!) or unify some dowdy furniture with black, white or a color you love. Accessories can also be renewed with a coat of paint. Try spray-painting light fixtures to give a room a new look without buying anything but the paint can.
  8. Freshen up your entry and front door! Take down any remaining winter decorations and wreaths from outside. Plant some spring flowers in pots by your front door. Sweep your porch and wipe off the door to remove winter grime. Clean off your doormat or replace it with a new one.
  9. When temperatures are warm enough, pack away winter gloves, scarves and parkas hanging in the front closet. Do the same for your clothes closet. Nothing is more dreary or frustrating than opening your closet in the summer and seeing it stuffed full of winter attire. De-cluttering our closets for the warmer weather provides room for summer clothes and space for items like beach bags, coolers, frisbees and outdoor gear. You can store winter items in containers under beds, in garages or basements so they are out of sight.
  10. Throw perfection out of your freshly cleaned windows. If you labor too long on each detail, you’ll miss out on experiencing the beauty of spring. Things don’t have to be perfect—just pleasant! The objective here is to enjoy your home, not to have the most perfectly decorated and organized house in the neighborhood! It just takes a little bit of fluffing to give your nest a sunny new look for the brighter days ahead!

God richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.
– 1 Tim. 6:17, NIV

©2008, Melissa Michaels
Photo credit, Melissa Michaels

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