Becoming a Foster Mother

I read your article from “Broward Family Life,” and was very enlightened. I grew up watching you on “Full House,” and now my daughter Nicole, who is 8, is watching you too. She has every season. How funny is that?

In the article I read that you are involved with 4 Kids of South Florida. I very much wanted to be a foster mother, but they want you to attend some 40 hours of classes at night, which is impossible for me since I have an 8-yr-old and I work fulltime. Is there anyway you could possibly help me become a foster mother without the classes? I have raised a 23-yr-old son, and an intelligent daughter, who is very helpful and well liked in school.

Any advice you could give me would help me, and maybe some lucky foster child. My daughter always said she would like a sister, but I can’t have any more children so why not be a foster mother? Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you so much for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the article in “Broward County Life” magazine.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to become a foster parent and skip the training hours. Most foster parents are more than capable but the training is to ensure that those wanting to become foster parents really are right for it, willing and able. It’s crazy to think that some people may foster with impure motives, but I’m sure the state and counties have seen these cases and do everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen. Also, with an organization like 4 Kids of South Florida, it’s also important that the children are placed in loving Christian homes. Again, people can say anything they want on an application, so the training is a must to protect the children. I think the only type of full time care that wouldn’t require training would be adoption.

If you’re really serious about fostering, prayerfully consider the 40 hours of training. God can make it happen even with your work schedule. What may seem impossible for us is never impossible with Him. Ask Him, and be prepared for Him to answer you.

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