A Carol For Christmas

A Carol for Christmas
By Robin Lee Hatcher
(Zondervan 2006)

It’s time to curl up by the fire with a cup of cocoa and enjoy some heart-warming romance. You’ll love A Carol for Christmas, written by best-selling author Robin Lee Hatcher (her 50th book!). This beautiful novella can be read in one quiet evening, taking you to Boise, Idaho, set in the late 60s. Hatcher says she got the idea for the story based on her own difficulties in early marriage as a teenage bride.

Going against their parents’ wishes, Carol and Jonathan are newlyweds, struggling with too many bills to pay and not enough time to be together. Both have dreams: Carol is an accomplished singer and longs to make a debut in Nashville, and Jonathan is a rising manager in his family’s retail business. Will their love withstand all the obstacles that threaten to tear them apart? Unlike our modern culture which encourages people to live together before marriage, you’ll find A Carol for Christmas a refreshing and powerful love story. (And you can chat about it with the author via her blog!)

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