Radio Interview: Bree Noble

This month Jill talks with award-winning singer/songwriter Bree Noble. Bree’s powerful vocals and commanding stage presence have won over audiences at large venues such as Saddleback Church and Dodger Stadium and intimate venues like small town churches and coffeehouses.

Although her vocals are always compelling, her greatest asset is her songwriting. Bree is a songwriter who doesn’t sugar-coat the Christian life or water down the issues Christians face. With influences like Nichole Nordeman, Sara Grvoes and Ginny Owens, her musical style is both mainstream and eclectic. Her lyrics are bold in their revelation of her own faults and struggles and how she has faced them with God’s guidance. Bree has a different perspective to convey–one of not just a woman of faith, but of an individual who has learned to overcome great adversity; she has glaucoma and has been legally blind since birth.

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