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I just want to tell you what a blessing you are, and how happy I was to learn that you are a committed Christian! I am 38-years-old, and watched you back in the “Full House” days. I have always loved you! Seeing you as the woman you turned out to be, is such an inspiration. I have been a Christian since I was seven, and was so blessed to grow up in a wonderful Christian home. It is so amazing to see someone like you with a heart like mine.

You are so beautiful on the outside, and more importantly, so beautiful on the inside. One can truly see God’s love in your countenance.

I have a couple of beauty questions: What kind of make-up do you use (base and powder)? I have the hardest time finding something that doesn’t look like I have a ton of make-up on, yet natural. Also, what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Any deep conditioners or hair masks? I have hair similar to yours (color and length). It takes a lot to keep colored hair healthy, so any tips would be great.

Also, when you get your hair cut, how do you tell them you want it cut? I LOVE your hair!

Thanks, Candace for reading my email. Just know what a blessing you and your website are!


Thanks so much for the sweet email.

To answer your questions–I use Sheer Cover mineral based powder foundations. Yes, it’s a Leeza Gibbon’s product:! I thought I’d try it, and I LOVE it. I use Frederik Fekkai hair products, which can be found at I have fine hair but a lot of it. It’s the most resilient hair my hairdresser has even seen. I’m blessed with that, because my hair shouldn’t be in as good of shape as it is since I’ve been coloring and highlighting it since I was 12.

I trust my hairdressers and usually explain the type of cut I want. Layers are a must for long hair, or else it’s shapeless and homely looking in my opinion. A few months ago, I decided to cut some bangs and am having fun with it. They do a great job with my hair, and I’ve never been unsatisfied. That of course is with my two trusted hairdressers: one in L.A. and one in Miami. It took a lot of searching, bad cuts, and color in between to find these people worth sticking with.

If you don’t have a regular hairdresser that you love and trust, I’d take a picture of someone who’s cut you’d like to emulate. That should help!

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