Sink Reflections

(Bantam Books, 2002)
By Marla Cilley, A.K. A. The FlyLady

Are you a FlyLady fan? If so, then you’re one of over 300,000 women around the world who have discovered FlyLady’s system for coping with the chaos in your home. I joined her newsletter group about a year ago and always felt like I was missing the whole story, so I finally bought and read her book.

Sink Reflections gives you a behind-the-scenes peek into how the FlyLady system came into being. Marla Cilley was once a frustrated woman living in a household filled with clutter. Her organizing systems always seemed to fail, until she decided to stick with one thing for a month–shining her kitchen sink. From there, she developed her morning, evening, and weekly routines that have transformed her life–and countless others.

Be warned: if you sign up for her free daily newsletter, you should opt for the Digest version. She sends about 15-20 email messages a day. She’s fun, motivating, and is the voice many of us need to rid our lives of clutter and make room for more joy and peace.


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