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I just started a Bible study group (women only) at my home. I read that you are in a weekly Bible study group, so I wondered if you could give me some suggestions on what materials would be good to use with our Bible study?

How does your bible study group work? This is new for me and I kind of lead it, so I didn’t know if I should get a Bible study book to go with what book of the Bible we would study, or if there is a better option. 

Also, could you recommend any books of the Bible that would be good to read for our study group?  I appreciate any information. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


You have amazing options, and a ton of choices in how you’d like to lead your study. Our group has done it several different ways over the years and I don’t know that one stands out for me over another. I’ve learned so much from each one, and every style had a uniqueness that made it special–it’s probably because it’s the Bible–the most interesting, exciting, and active book you’ll ever read!

I don’t know how well you know your Bible–and this may determine how you lead your study. If you’re a beginner I suggest your group studies off of a “Bible study” book. There are several choices at local Christian book stores, or online at

You may want to start with a study on the book of John. John–not to be confused with John the Baptist–is commonly considered Jesus’ closest friend. You’ll be familiar with the new testament stories, but you’ll have a more intimate look at who Jesus is as only a best friend could share.

Each girl should purchase the Bible study book, and complete one chapter per week at home. At the start of each study, begin with prayer then go through the questions you answered from the week and discuss them. A lot of great conversation will stem from this.

If you want to jump into the BEST bible study (in my opinion), your group will have to shell out a few dollars to chip in for Beth Moore’s Daniel study. This is a DVD set along with a Bible study guide book. I love Beth Moore’s style and enthusiasm. I’ve never retained as much information as I did from this study because she’s that good! It also comes with a teacher’s guide (that’d be for you!) to help in instructing and moving the group along in a timely format.

If you don’t want any money involved to purchase books or DVD’s, you can choose a book of the Bible and go through line by line or chapter by chapter. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and look for when reading the scriptures to help dig in.

  1. Is there an example to follow?
  2. A command to obey?
  3. A sin to avoid?
  4. A promise to keep?

Currently, we are doing this style of study on 1 Peter. We chose 1 Peter, not only because it’s a great book, but also because it’s short. This type of study involves a lot of time to really dig in, look up definitions, and use a concordance to reference other scriptures. This is a wonderful way to study, but I must say it helps to have someone who’s knowledgeable and familiar with the Bible. I don’t think my group could study this way if it weren’t for our leader Debbie. She’s awesome!

Since this is your first small group and you’re heading it up, I suggest you choose a Bible study book or DVD set and pick a topic of interest for your whole group. You can study a book of the Bible or a topic of interest like being a godly wife, parenting, overcoming strongholds etc. As the leader, go to your bookstore or online, and choose 3 study guides to suggest. Vote on which study the group would like to do, then have each person purchase their own book.

You’ll be blessed in your efforts to study the Bible! And don’t be surprised at your rapid growth in your walk with Christ.

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