Should I Take This Job?

I had an opportunity to see you give your testimony on this year’s Girl’s Get-A-Way Cruise.  I remember that there were several questions that you asked yourself prior to accepting or rejecting a job offer.  I am in a similar situation with my current position and would like to know what those questions were.  Thank you for your testimony.  You were such a blessing on the cruise.


The most important question I ask myself when faced with a life-changing decision is: Will this be pleasing to God?

Then ask yourself more detailed questions like:

  • Will the new job be pleasing to God?
  • Will it glorify Him?
  • Can I see His hand in it?
  • Can I see purpose in it? Or is it something to take my mind off Him?
  • Will it take up more hours only to distract me from Him and my family?

Weigh the benefits and the disadvantages from God’s perspective, not your own desires. Most importantly, pray about it and seek advice from the Word. 

Hope this helps,

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