RV There Yet?

RV There Yet?
WestBow Press, 2006
By Diann Hunt

I started laughing from the very first page of this book, and I didn’t stop until I finished it. What plot could offer more fun? Three middle-aged women crammed together in an RV for two weeks of non-stop adventure. Diann Hunt’s playful narrative is a hoot.

Here’s the first line, “Remind me again. I left a shop full of chocolates behind, why?” Millie, Lydia, and DeDe have been friends since childhood; they met at a Christian camp. Now, coinciding with DeDe’s 50th birthday, the three women journey back in time to help their youth camp, which is in desperate need.

Along the way, they share their past secrets, future dreams – and present-day drama via cell phone. Reading this made me want to hop in an RV and travel around the country, eating S’mores and swapping stories with fellow campers. The novel is more than pure pleasure; the word of Christ dwells richly in these ladies, and His eternal hope continues to transform and renew life, love, and friendship.

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