Radio Interview: Kristin Schweain of ZOEgirl

Kristin Schweain grew up with a dream of becoming a professional musician. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Frederic Spies, who was an accomplished jazz pianist, Kristin began playing the piano at an early age, and wrote her first song “I Need You” at the age of eighteen. Since 2000 Kristin has been recording and touring nationally and abroad with the Christian pop/rock trio ZOEgirl. ZOEgirl burst onto the music scene in 2000 immediately earning the title as the fastest-selling debut artist in Sparrow Records history.

Kristin recently gave birth to her first child, Stella. In part, the role of motherhood led her to Apronique, a new company of which she is co-founder. Apronique began in the mind of Kristin’s friend, Marilyn Brown, and as residents of the same midwestern community, Marilyn and Kristin have teamed up to create designs that target all generations of cooks, hostesses, and entertainment divas.

Tune in to hear about Kristin’s life in ZOEgirl, her joy at becoming a mom, and her excitement about her venture–Apronique.

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