Author: Jeri Turner

I am just an ordinary woman, who for most of my life has been captivated by the God who loves me. He was a desire in my heart as a child; and that desire finally found its source when as a young teen, I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. Just like any other ordinary woman, I’ve experienced the gamut: sin and restoration, sorrow, struggle, depression, health issues and loss—you name it. I have also been blessed to know the simple joys of life, having been married to my high-school sweetheart for over 32 years. As the mother of three grown sons and six beautiful grandchildren, I can say that my cup runneth over. The one common thread running through my life has been the grace of Christ. On my own, I am weak and lost and at times, just plain ugly, but in Christ I find wholeness and peace. In Him, I find the strength I need to face the next hurdle of life with courage—whatever might come my way. I am an accountant by day, but my real love is writing. The greatest motivation for me in that endeavor is to shine a light on God’s truth and serve as an encouragement to others to better know the God Who Loves Them.

On Memorial Day

We are the proud parents of two heroes—Army Infantrymen who have served this country with honor and valor. The Lord has spared us the grief of having to deal with the loss of either one, but each one has paid…