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Daily Motivation for Moms

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"Motivation for Moms" is brought to you daily by Darlene Schacht. Darlene also motivates moms through her humorous, and inspirational book of short stories, The Mom Complex.


The Mom Complex
by Darlene Schacht

“Far too many people think that in order to be religious, you can’t be too human, and in order to be truly human, you can’t be all that religious. The Mom Complex strikes a wonderful balance between the two.”
—Russ Eldredge, Stunningly Average Father of Four

  • Paperback: 172 pages
  • Publisher: Spilt Milk Publishing (March 7, 2006)
  • ISBN: 0978026209

The Mom Complex is a collection of stories that are written both to humor and to inspire the soul of mothers who are seeking daily devotion with God. It urges us to search inside ourselves, so that we may uncover the path that God has placed our feet on. It’s on that path, where we often discover that His plan for our life is different than ours.

Autographed copies can be purchased through CWO here:



Search inside at Amazon: Click here


Reviews for The Mom Complex:

"The Ups and Downs of Modern Motherhood "
January 26, 2007

I love reading books that invite me along an author's faith journey. In The Mom Complex, Darlene Schacht shares how being a mom has helped transform her into a woman who seeks after God's heart.

The founder and editor of Christian Women Online ezine, Darlene is a seasoned writer with a gift for finding humor in the most humble of places -- giving readers a wealth of delightful stories.

As a mom, I could relate to so many of Darlene's funny experiences -- like the time she and her husband dressed up like Fonz and his 50s girlfriend and showed up for her son's kindergarten party. Oops! Too late, Darlene discovered the party was only for the students, not the parents!

From this experience, Darlene wrote, "If I had just read the note home from the teacher I would have known ... I recognized the importance of reading God's little notes to us, so that each day, I will know the direction that He wants me to go in."

The book contains 33 poignant stories of life in the Schacht home. Darlene's childhood as one of six girls in her family gives her plenty of hilarious writing material, not to mention her current role as the mother of four. Each chapter ends with a Bible verse in an up-to-date version, as well as three questions for applicaton in the "Mom in the Mirror" section.

With titles such as "Flushing Nemo," "Lazarus and the Chicken Dance," and "Poopsi Woopsi Love Candy," this book is an encouragement to moms everywhere that family life -- though messy at times -- is an opportunity for us to bring little souls into God's kingdom ... one funny story at a time.

Heather Ivester, book reviewer
Author of From a Daughter's Heart to Her Mom: 50 Reflections on Living Well



"Truth for Busy Moms in Bite-sized Pieces",
June 11, 2006

"Let's face it: finding time to read anything for the mother of small children is a challenge. Mother of four, Darlene Schacht, rises to the challenge with this well-done series of stories about her adventures as a mother.

But they are more than "nice stories." Yes, the stories are well-told and funny. At other times the stories are touching and thought-provoking. Each one is focused with a key thought to lead you toward a deeper relationship with God.

Read each chapter in a short amount of time, then use the "Mom in the Mirror" at the end to apply the story to your own life. This book makes an ideal gift for any mom with a busy family life."

Best-selling author, W. Terry Whalin



"A book full of humor and poignancy",
July 15, 2006

"This collection of laughter-inducing, heart-tugging stories about family life and motherhood is offered by Darlene Schact, writer and editor of Christian Women Online.

Readers already familiar with Darlene's online presence will be glad to have her work collected in "holdable" form. If this is your first introduction to Darlene's writings, you're in for a treat. Her humor and impeccable timing will delight you; her insights will make you think. We should all glean so much spiritual truth from the ordinary moments in our daily lives."

Shannon Woodward, author of Inconceivable and A Whisper in Winter.


Add "Motivations for Moms"
to Your Site

Daily "Motivation for Moms" is designed to encourage mothers to instill the values of God in their children. Readers will be inspired daily to reach deeper into the lives of their children with motivational tips like these:

  • Encourage your children to focus on their inner being, which is of great price in the sight of God.
  • Make it known to your children that you are not conformed to this world; teach them to enjoy the fact that your family is different.
  • Enlighten your children to the world around them by supporting missions and teaching them that there is a world both hungry for food and hungry for God. Pray that they will have a heart for missions.

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