I have seen many people supporting it while many opposing it....What do you guys think about it??? When I browsed on the internet, I saw that there are a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages of having them around the yard. One of the main advantages is that they feed on unwanted vegetation and weeds and help to keep the yard pest-free. I have heard that there won't be snakes in the areas where there is no raccoon as raccoons and snakes are great enemies. Is it true???

Their main disadvantage is that they completely spoil the attics. They are destructive and pretty messy. They damage the insulation and reduce the effectiveness. The urine and feces produced by a single raccoon are enough to create serious health concerns.

There are a lot of raccoons and skunks in the backyard of my house. So should I go for any raccoon removal service to get them cleared or should I allow them to roam around the house??? Please share your opinion.