I suffer from irritable bowel symptom. My tummy growls after eating and drinking anything. My life is pretty stressful now and irritable bowel syndrome is making it worse. Now I cannot eat any food aside from rice, egg, and porridge. My social life is hanging by a thread. I canít even go out for a dinner with my boyfriend. It is pretty hard. All this time I have managed my condition with fybogel and buscopan. I took allergy intolerance test and threw up most of everything I used to eat. I donít eat any of the trigger food now still, my state is not improving. Living just on 2 or 3 food is affecting my mood badly. I heard that colonics treatments eliminate symptoms of IBS. I sought advice from a clinic in Toronto regarding this and they asked me to take an appointment there. Does this really help? Have anyone tried colonics hydrotherapy or similar treatments? Kindly share your wisdom on this. Please help