We have so many companies and lakhs of peoples are working all companies. The all most all companies are working time used for fire alarm or fire detected machines. In most of the It and some production companies are stand up in the same situation. Today some companies canít set the fire alarm of fire detection mechnes.In yearly so many peoples are died in same situation. So the large and small companies owners are must be care for your employees. Because your company is depend upon your employees .In fire Alarm system is very urgently fit on your company. The fire system produces carbon monoxide And this gas is help to prevent the fire. And we can available for water system. It system easily reduced the fire and spread the water. It is a advanced technology. All most all system are developed by the smoke or alarm detection .This is set to the automatically set .In other system for emergency sound alarm system ,this is used for high sound are come from the company .The system automatically work and produced the carbon dioxide .We can check the unit for the system .that we used fire alarm unit. remember again all company owners are take care for the company employee and your company