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Sweet apple tree

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by , 07-02-2014 at 05:57 AM (1611 Views)
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Size:  11.5 KBBefore I get into this, I had better make a statement to my six beautiful, exceptional, and perfect grown grandchildren, whom I love with all my heart (How can this be? I love each of them with ALL my heart. It is a miracle of God!) "Kids, I went through this very thing with each of you, but remember it has been almost sixteen years, and there has been 'baby drought' around here for years. You love her too. So just come on over, and we'll all snuggle together!

It finally happened; I am now a "great" grandmother! And I'm hopelessly in love. I hold her in my arms, and my legs turn to rubber; I have to sit down. She is beginning to recognize me, and her smiles are my undoing. She utters baby words, and gurgles and coos, and I get lost in her big dark-blue eyes, which are outlined by black lashes, though her hair is dark brown .Her lashes, are so long on top and bottom, and have a "salon" look.

She owns me hook, line, and sinker! She is a special blessing from God. It is my desire to sing to her, and from the very first I have tried to, but when I hold her, I forget all the words I ever knew, "Mares eat ...what? Doe's do something tra-la-la!" It is like her presence sucks the brains right out of my head. I had just about given up the pursuit, when we were having some alone time just before her grandmother was to pick her up to go to a wedding reception. I knew I must keep her happy. We waked around the house, looked out all the windows, and stopped by the big mirror in the living room. We were both admiring her reflection. This calmed her even more so she allowed her head to rest on my shoulder, and I "finally" began to sing.

It was a made up song, I have no idea where it came from, I may have turned toward the window, perhaps the grass in my yard was the inspiration, I just started singing, and thought,"Hey I kind of like this, I wonder how long I can remember it?" So I sung what became the first and second verse over and over, trying to seal it to my brain. I wish I could tell you the tune but, I don't know it, I think I made it up too.

Here are the words that put her in the deepest sleep (humm?) I ever saw her experience. It may have been her way of escape, but I enjoyed it greatly; holding that plump baby body so close to my heart; the words escaped my lips in between kisses and nuzzling her sweet head.

So sweet baby girl here's a lullaby just for you, but if we get lucky we may get to share it someday with another "someone" whom I am already ready to love, with all my heart.

The Sweet Apple Tree

On a hill top there is green grass,
And in the valley far below
Grows a tree of golden apples,
A little blue bird told me so.

He sang, "Oh be my playmate"
A melody for the heart of me,
So we played 'neath the shade
Of the sweet apple tree.

The gentle wind blew oh so softly
As we danced in its breeze,
Blue wings soared oh so high
Waltzing on nothing with ease.

On a hilltop there is green grass,
And I climb so cautiously,
As the blue bird finds his slumber
In the arms of the sweet apple tree.

Thank you Lord for putting sweet thoughts in my mind, and for baby who brings a breath-taking refreshing to my life!
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  1. Jacquie's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, Rhea! It was a rich blessing to me today!