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I have always enjoyed being a life "toucher," and blogging on CWO is a God given opportunity to do it in a large way! This is exciting to me, to be providing, to be provoking, to be asking, to be caring, to be molding, to be interested, to be pleasing, to be learning, to be teaching. To be all I can be at whatever age, I find, myself, through the "One" who loves me as no other! To spread my wings and try, come on, fly with me, I’m doing it, and I’m loving it!

  1. Sweet apple tree

    by , 07-02-2014 at 05:57 AM (
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Size:  11.5 KBBefore I get into this, I had better make a statement to my six beautiful, exceptional, and perfect grown grandchildren, whom I love with all my heart (How can this be? I love each of them with ALL my heart. It is a miracle of God!) "Kids, I went through this very thing with each of you, but remember it has been almost sixteen years, and there has been 'baby drought' around here for years. You love her too. So just come on over, and we'll all snuggle together! ...

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  2. My Daddy's Dance

    by , 06-15-2014 at 04:10 AM (
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    The deep summer night was a bit more than warm; a moist upper western (with a touch of surface southern) wind was blowing with strangled gusts as though trying to gain the strength to stir all of the misty clouds into a "full blown" straight- line wind. I would worry about that later.

    In the meantime I was enjoying my porch swing in the ...

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  3. Mid april

    by , 04-20-2014 at 12:05 AM (
    I wonder if I could paint for you a word picture of my mid-April, and perhaps sketch a few of my thoughts?

    It is a golden day, the sun is warm, not hot; gentle breezes quietly stir the freshly budded Choke Cherry blossoms. The lilacs are playing their age old game of blowing their sweet breath through my open windows. There is an orchestra of life all around; a thousand birds are singing; ...

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  4. God is...

    by , 03-08-2014 at 04:53 PM (
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    Praises to the God of all creation! We’ve had two bright days in a row. The late-afternoon March sun is both reflecting from and shining through a dark-green tall-necked bottle perched in the middle of my deck table. One side of the bottle is in the direct light; the other is slightly turned toward the shadows of the porch. Thus, the difference in the ways it reacts to the rays of the sun can be seen.

    From where I sit I can see one chair pulled ...

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    Green-yellow heavy orbs with golden-brown mottling are bending the boughs of the Keefer pear tree. The Honey bees are still in abundance even though they are moving sluggishly in the cool late autumn days. They love the pears and guard them faithfully.

    The Keefers are not the prettiest of fruit they are large, hard, yet juicy. They soften long after hitting the ground. The time comes when I can wait no longer and with my husband wielding the

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