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  1. A Protestant’s View of the Stations of the Cross:Station 3 Jesus falls the first time

    by , 03-06-2012 at 05:56 AM
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    I read through the Third Station devotion and it really touched me, so I posted it so that you can enjoy it too;

    Leader: We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you.
    All: Because by your holy cross You have redeemed the world.

    Jesus, the cross you have been carrying is very heavy. You are becoming weak and almost ready to faint, and you fall down. Nobody seems to want to help you. The soldiers are interested in getting home, so they yell
  2. Here's What Jesus Wants His Girls To Know

    by , 03-06-2012 at 04:10 AM
    1.You are my beloved. (Eph. 5:1)

    2.I knew you before you were born. As my hands formed you, I whispered purpose into your bones. I can’t not love you. (Ps. 139:1-6)

    3.I love you beyond human reason—even at your very worst, steeped in sin. (Rom. 5:8)

    4.My love is contrary to all you know of “love.” I Love you “even though” and “deeper still.” My love reaches, pursues, remains. (Ps. 36:5)

    5.My Love for you won’t walk out, fail, or ever ...
  3. Stake your claim!

    by , 03-05-2012 at 08:52 PM
    The people of Israel, after being led out of Egypt by Moses have been wandering in the desert for 40 years! In this passage we find them camped next to the Jordan River. They are so close to having what God has promised them 4 decades earlier, a land flowing with "milk and honey". Joshua their new leader is preparing them to take the land that God has promised them.

    Joshua 1:1-5

    After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, the LORD said to Joshua son
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  4. Is our life costing us to follow the Lord?

    by , 03-05-2012 at 04:32 PM
    Many of us are familiar with the passage in the last chapter of 2Samuel24:18-25. This passage describes of David according to God's command goes to buy a field from his citizen Arunah to sacrifice burnt offerings to the Lord at his threshing floor. And during the encounter, Arunah freely offers the king his oxen, utensils and equipmentfor the burnt sacrifice. David refuses the offer by saying,"........ nor will I offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God with that which costs me nothing." ...
  5. Taking Advice

    by , 03-05-2012 at 03:46 AM
    An update on my previous post, I'm doing a lot better. I'm organized in my day, I'm not falling into the same traps. The Bible says instead of focusing on the splinter in someone else's eye, focus on the plank of wood in your own. For some reason that has really stood out to me. So I did, took a long hard look at myself, I was a mess. I prayed for help, for guidence to get me back on my feet. Obviously it's going to be a long process, nothing happens over night. I'm 3 days down getting up ...
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