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When Winter Came

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by , 12-22-2012 at 06:48 AM (570 Views)
At its breezy and somewhat dreary entrance this year, my mind goes back to the arrival of winter last year, right on time, just as usual, but with a bitter cold wind that blew all through my heart and seemed as if it had tentacles that could reach every crevice of my mind and spirit.

Disappointing tragedies in life have a way of making the atmosphere cold, where it can only be warmed by the love of family and the closest of friends along with a fire ignited in our spirits by a sovereign God. It has been said that winter is a time to dream after a period of shedding in the fall. That’s exactly what I wanted to do at the time: go to sleep, not wake up until it was over, and just dream of better things to come for we had certainly experienced our own personal shedding during the preceding months of autumn.

The Psalms had become my best friend, filling my nights and days, reminding me of exactly what God promised. They are perfect for times of mourning as well as reassurance that, yes, you are still a part of the Kingdom, you do still matter, and you are significant in what God wants to do on the earth today. There’s no better time to “get up” and start “letting other people up”. We all have a part to play, a part that has not been negated by sin—grace covered that. Our past is not the main event in our story; that is yet to be written and I’m so glad that God is the author.

Sometimes, the things we have to go through are just plain our fault, but thank God for His deliverance that will bring us out of spiritual exile—a place away from His presence, and as Isaiah so wonderfully puts it, back into the homeland with joy, led by God Himself, with peace and celebration.

This winter, as the winds are gusting up again and from their gracious home of caring limbs the leaves have now met the ground, we too have met the ground running, running toward our destiny, maybe a little later than planned, but back on track because God, not man, defines our destiny and we will arrive on time for He knows the path we take, and when He has tested us, we will come forth as gold.

Now, come please spring and summer, my favorite time of the year and once again let me feel the spectacular sensation of sand between my toes at that one place, though the writer of Psalm 66:12 may not have meant it, I translate as the beach--that broad, moist place of refreshment and open air.
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