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On The Twelfth Year of Christmas

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by , 12-26-2012 at 01:41 AM (2708 Views)
It all started with a “not-so-tiny baby” introducing himself to the world at a hefty 10 pounds, 10 ounces. Born with autism, and other developmental delays, this family has witnessed the joys as well as disappointments that such a diagnosis can bring. I can almost take you through a panoramic view of years that began from age one through the twelfth year we celebrate now. Each year of birthday parties and Christmas gifts taking on a different form— a different miracle.

In the early years, Brian could hardly pay attention to his surroundings, much less the opening of presents even at his own birthday parties. His brother or other children would usually do the honors, opening his gifts and blowing out his candles while he ran around the house doing his thing: destruction!

It seems those years are vague in my memory even though they were so real at the time and exhausting. Sometimes when you’re going through hard times, you feel as if you will live that way the rest of your life, but it’s not so. The path of the righteous grows brighter and brighter.

By the age of 6, he had begun to pay attention to the Christmas festivities, our stockings, and the presents, but still not quite understanding what it was all for and the correct time to open gifts. The years following until last Christmas, he has been opening his presents but with a somewhat blank stare on his face and laying them to the side as if he didn’t care at all. Although he did enjoy playing with them afterwards, it’s that excitement on their faces that we parents long to see. Kind of makes it all worthwhile.

On this Twelfth Christmas, everything has changed! Brian has noticed even the tiniest of details this year and has participated in the countdown of days ‘til Christmas, has talked about the stockings being filled, has studied the presents under the tree with his name on them, and for our miracle this year, he opened his presents and smiled at them and showed emotion about receiving them. Not only that, but he involved himself in picture taking with the family, even getting up from his seat to join in a picture. Wow, it just seems the miracles will not stop. I just keep looking for the next one.

It’s funny, but almost every Christmas movie I’ve watched this season (usually a children’s show), it all comes down to one aspect—if you believe, then you experience the magic of Christmas.

I want to believe and then believe again. I can hardy wait to experience all that God has for us, one miracle at a time.

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