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Robes of White

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by , 01-25-2013 at 12:13 AM (2345 Views)
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Everywhere I looked this morning there was white. White streets, walkways, and driveways. Trees glistening under their clouds of snow and houses topped off with a dollop of the falling flakes. White, white, white, white, white. There was a theme and God spoke to me in the midst of it. "Jann, this is how I see you".

For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more Hebrews 8:12

Humbled, gratefully whispering thank you. It became apparent that there was more. "Who will you choose to see in white?", I heard deep within my soul. The question pierced and twisted until I understood the importance of it.

How could I accept His gift of not remembering my sins and then look upon others with judgement?
I wanted to protest, to list their sins before Him, to plead my righteous anger against them, but in a moment there was no defense, no argument only an acceptance of His request. "I will see them in white because you do Lord."

Let's be honest, people can irritate us, let us down and hurt us. They are sinners that are in need of His robe of forgiveness. It can be difficult every day to see others as Jesus does, covered in white. Nevertheless, because we have been offered God's gift of grace, we must offer this grace to others.

Who will you choose to see in white today?

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  1. Jacquie's Avatar
    Powerful testimony and call to Truth, Jann, and yes! by No Means easy, save for the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the deep fabric of our lives! THANKS for sharing! This word-picture will stay with me a long while I'm sure!