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Caro's Corner

In The Wait

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by , 11-15-2013 at 05:30 PM (1461 Views)
I love the testimony of King David in Psalm 27:13-14 where he says ďI am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.Ē

While I may love that testimony and I certainly love the Psalms Ė I certainly do not like the actual waiting part. However, as my husband and I are in this uncomfortable waiting mode, I am finding I am handling it better this time around than I usually do. I would like to think it is because I have become so strong in my faith and that I have finally learned patience. But I know myself better than that and Iím pretty sure that isnít it. I think God is just being extra gracious to me.

I shared a few weeks back that several months ago, we had resigned our position as pastors at the church weíd been at for over five years. Since then we have been serving at our sonís small church, helping however we could and really just waiting to see where God would lead us next. We thought for awhile he might be leading us out of the pastoral ministry, but nothing along those lines has really developed. We can see he seems to be at work in several situations but we donít know yet what is going to come about. So we wait.

And I am finding that though this is a season Iím not exactly enjoying, I am discovering the joy in it. There is a difference there. I donít much like waiting for answers; I donít really know anyone who does. But I have been delighted to see that since July of this year, God has been showing me his presence in lovely and unique ways as I have sought his direction and have continued to wait for his guidance.

For one thing, I have found Iím savoring an unusual absence of worrying. Things that generally would cause me sleepless nights are just slipping out of my conscious anxiety and I havenít had much difficulty releasing them. Seeing what God has done to keep us financially solvent is a testimony to his greatness in and of itself. ďOn paperĒ we shouldnít have been able to make a house payment since August, yet we havenít been late on even one bill. Taking the time to notice all the little things he continually enchants me with has brought numerous smiles to my face. Things like his recent amazing sunrises and sunsets, hearing our 15 year old Granddaughter sing her heart out on a Facebook video, and seeing how he is using some of the past wreckage of my life to help others are little (or not so little) reminders of his faithfulness to me.

I am getting the sense that this part of our waiting may be winding down. Iím seeing some signs that he is beginning to move in his own way and is bringing together what he has envisioned all along for us. In the meantime, I want to join with the writer of the Psalms in expressing my confidence in my God. The first verse of Psalm 27 says:

The LORD is my light and my salvationó
whom (or what) shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my lifeó
of whom (or what) shall I be afraid?

Next time Iíll write about ďIn the Maybe.Ē

Thanks, as always, for listening.
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  1. Jacquie's Avatar
    SO encouraging and uplifting, Caro! Thanks as always for sharing!