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What is Christmas to you

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by , 12-23-2015 at 03:53 PM (1865 Views)
Some years ago, when my children where young. My oldest son, who was about 8 years old at the time, ask me a question that would change a tradition in our famly at Christmas time forever.

I had just finish wrapping some gifts and put them under the tree and called my children in for story time. After we had finish my son asked me, " If Christmas is Jesus Birthday how come there is gifts for us, but nothing for Jesus.?" This stopped me still in my tracks and I looked at him and said," you know you are right."

After my childern where in bed I thought about this, and I came up with an idea. The next day I found a box, went to the store and bought some gold wrapping paper. I wrapped the box and lid, found a pretty bow, and then put a name tag on it with it saying, " to Jesus from all of us". I put under the tree right in front. My children noticed it right away. So they asked what was in it. I said," you can write on a peice of paper what ever you want to give of yourself to Jesus,put it in the box, and that can be His Birthday present from you." On Christmas Eve at Midnight I took them out and didn't look at what anyone had put on them and burnt them as away for sending them to Jesus. When the children got up and saw that they were gone they were happy that Jesus had gotton His gifts.

To my surprize this continued even into their teens. Even friends of theirs would put things in, and every Christmas Eve I would burn them at midnight.

I still have this same box under my tree. However, there was two years that it wasn't under my tree or any tree, because it was in storage. To my surprize even though were grown, some of my children had a really hard time it not beng a part of our Christmas. This year my second to oldest daughter found out that I had replaced the gold wrapping paper and became upset. I told her it was still the same box with new paper, because after 19 years the gold paper had become warn and torn. I reminded her that God is always with us, and we can always give to Jesus thanks for what He has given us and call on God for all our needs. Today I now hope to pass on this tradition to my grandchildren.

So as you go looking for gifts for friends and family, please remember the greatest gift of all! Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

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