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Christian Humor

A lightness at times that God puts in my heart and the funny way He lets me view daily events in my life.

  1. Post Mother's Day Reflections

    by , 05-22-2015 at 04:01 PM (

    Our Mother’s Day trip home from East TN was interesting. For lunch, we made plans to arrive at a little town edging up to I-40 because they have several restaurants we’ve sampled through the years of traveling this route. We planned to be there early; 10:45-ish, to beat the church
  2. The chicken trip

    by , 01-08-2015 at 10:08 PM (
    It is so strange, the beginning of a new year always sends me backwards in my thoughts. Perhaps it is because there is so much more time behind me than in front of me. I am 77 years old; turning 78 in February. I live a full and happy life in "real" time, however past memories have a way of holding me in their ethereal grip and I go stumbling along after them like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.

    Today I was wandering in a fenced in yard; I see wooden steps leading ...

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  3. I remember

    by , 09-12-2012 at 04:56 AM (
    Name:  Baby Me.jpg
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Size:  5.1 KBThose things we remember from childhood can be heartbreakingly sad, blue skies and fluffy white cloud happy, chuckle funny… in fact they run the gambit of our emotions, only in primary Technicolor hews and are usually outlined in thick black lines!

    My husband just reminded me of the ditty, he as a young boy ended his every night with; “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed-bugs bite. If I get cold I’ll call you.” My closing line of the day was the ...

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  4. Shut Eye Flying!

    by , 06-27-2012 at 06:09 AM (
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    It is very late, and I am home again. What an exciting trip, uhmm, I think it was; my first ever airplane flight was a success for my sister, daughter and granddaughter due to the fact I slept through it; I did wake up two or three times for a minute or so, and was quite happy, yes quite happy. My phobia concerning height had not─for the very first time ever─kicked in!

    I behaved well and ...

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  5. Romancing the Stone...deaf!

    by , 10-17-2011 at 06:07 PM (
    Name:  998371-099.jpg
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Size:  96.4 KBThis morning's conversation (between the part time farmer and the part time jeweler) went something like this (exactly like this.)

    ME~ "I have some stones to be drilled, will you bring it (the drill) in?"
    DON~ "Two?"
    ME~ "What?"
    DON~ "Do you want me to bring in TWO salmon to be grilled?"
    ME~ A blank but vocal stare!
    Seems his hearing aid is out and so is my partial plate that

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    Christian Humor
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