I Want To Be A Lake

I want to be a lake ~
still, glass flat
reflecting, jade green,
His standing, multi-membered forest,
and flying friends in silver sky,
oh Majesty!
loving message
in His creation ~
to send out and back
praise for His awesome work!

A lake? but an ocean!
Surging, powerful, relentless ~
faithful icon of His determined,
insistent grace!

An ocean? perhaps a lighthouse!
The introvert’s delight!
Tall, solitary, overlooking
the beyond beautiful
yet sending forth His saving light!
What better?

Who I am in Truth ~
child of God,
His image-bearer,
beloved daughter,
ambassador for Christ,
following the Good Shepherd
as He leads to the lost,
the broken, the bound,
reaching with His redemption
and healing ~ Life!





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